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Default Feeble Files - ScummVM - french version

I have the 4cd windows version, in french.

I installed it on D: \FeebleFiles, copied everything from the CDs to this directory, encoded all the SMK to DXA... And now when i try to run it I get :

Trying to start game 'The Feeble Files'
MD5s of your game version are unknown. Please, report following data to
ScummVM team along with your game name and version:
tbllist.: 0bbfee8e69739111eb36b0d138da8ddf
game22.: ba90b40a47726039671d9e91630dd7ed
game22: ba90b40a47726039671d9e91630dd7ed
tbllist: 0bbfee8e69739111eb36b0d138da8ddf
WARNING: No valid games were found in the specified directory.!

And I can't for the life of me login into the ScummVM forums (I have no idea why).
If someone could help me or post this on their forums, that would be greatly appreciated.
...It's down there somewhere. Let me have another look.
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