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Originally Posted by colpet
What are the puzzles like? There were only 2 small reviews I saw and they mentioned arcade mini games and having to keep up your score.
It's mostly your typical Sierra inventory puzzles. Except that there's (almost) nothing far fetched about them; the puzzles are logical, and not too hard. There's also quite a fair amount of riddles. And there are a few action sequences from time to time, but you can set the difficulty or even skip them. There's quite a lot of (non-branching) dialogue; I know you're not too keen on that, but it's really well written, and it serves the story.

EDIT: Oh, and the ending doesn't really depend on your score. Rather, both of them depend on some of the decisions you make. For instance, let's say you meet a man on the road, and you'd like his clothes as a disguise. Well, you can take your bow out and basically rob him, or you can find a way maybe to convince him to help you willingly, or strike a deal with him, etc. And that affects the ending. How well you solve certain puzzles also has an influence (for instance, if you manage to do successfully a certain puzzle, you'll gain more money for the king's ransom than if you had found a less satisfactory solution, or if you had failed; and how much money you manage to raise may have an influence on the ending).
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