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Default Son of AG Community Playthrough - Suggestions

A few months ago, we organized playthroughs of Beneath a Steel Sky and 5 Days a Stranger, giving people an opportunity to play the game "together" and talk about it step by step. Then we tried it for Gabriel Knight, and it sort of collapsed.

It is time to revive the idea.

Originally Posted by Kurufinwe
One of the problems with GK was that it was just so huge, and I think it didn't encourage people to (re)play it. I mean, it takes at least 30 minutes before you get out of the bookshop. So we probably need a game that's shorter, or at least that can be divided into smaller parts. And a game that quite a few people have, or can gain access to easily. Maybe we should start a suggestion thread, see if someone's interested in something.

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Actually, Conquests of the Longbow might be a great choice. (Apart from the fact that it's one of my favorites.) One of the problems when we're doing playthroughs of commercial games is how to make sure everyone who wants to participate has a copy of the game. That's why BASS (which is now freeware) worked so well. And Conquests can be downloaded from Christy Marx's website.

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