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Originally Posted by Intrepid Homoludens
I'm a bit confused. Whose definition of 'hardcore' are you using? I thought hardcore meant anyone who plays video games very passtionately and devotes a great deal of their time to them. So do you mean that someone who is highly skilled and deeply knowledgeable about FIFA and Madden, is a fan of those games, and admires such features in them as the realistic graphics and sound is not a hardcore gamer compared to someone else who is all about Halo 2 and Counter-Strike Source? What is the requisite to be categorized as a 'hardcore' gamer, then?

Well, I was just opposing to the argument that hardcore games = fps and sports, which appearently makes the Xbox more hardcore. I just found that plain wrong. A hardcore gamer, is as you said, passionate about games, and it doesn't matter at all what genre this player likes. Just because a gamer likes FPSs better than shoot'em ups or racing games doesn't make them any more hardcore.

I could've worded my opinion a lot better though.
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