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Originally Posted by Mira
Tex Murphy: Pandora Directive - I was practically shaking when the alien was chasing me in Area 51.
Oh god, yes. When Tex stops and says "The hairs on the back of my neck are standing on end..." Eeeeek! I stopped playing for a couple days before I had the guts to go back. Other games that scared me:

Manhunter 2 - These games were creepy, but the second one was the worst for it. Early on in the game, you follow one character into a tunnel, just to find him at the end dead, and mutated, with "Me be man again someday" scratched into the wall beside his body. Eeeek! Also, later in the game, I found a monsters lair, which was empty. However a few minutes later, when I returned to the lair again, he was waiting for me. Very unexpected, very freaky.

Also a lot of the primarly static graphic adventures were freaky too. Shadowgate, with the woman in the closet... Time Quest with the dancing native... All very freaky.
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