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More Xbox Games Playable on Xbox 360 | Gamespy, June 13, 2006

Microsoft expands the list of playable games again.

27 Xbox titles have been added to the roster of games that can be played using the backwards-compatible functionality of the Xbox 360. Some of the highlights from this batch include LEGO Star Wars and RalliSport Challenge. In a new move, Microsoft has made this update available for download at the official Xbox 360 website, for people without access to Xbox Live. Once downloaded, PC owners can burn the update to a CD and use it to update their Xbox 360.

Here is the complete list of new games supported:

* 4x4 EVO 2
* Amped 2
* Bad Boys 2
* Big Mutha Truckers
* DOOM 3
* Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
* Fatal Frame
* FlatOut
* Grabbed by the Ghoulies
* Intellivision Lives
* LEGO Star Wars
* Minority Report
* MLB SlugFest 20-04
* The Punisher
* RalliSport Challenge
* Silent Hill 4: The Room
* Spawn Armageddon
* Spider-Man
* Star Wars Battlefront
* State of Emergency
* Zapper
EDIT: I have it for Xbox, and just popped it in now into my Xbox360. Looks quite good at 480p. So, Dasaliva, I don't need your field report anymore, nyah nyah!!! And now I'm watching the first cutscene, Zoe in her skivvies lying in her room in Casablanca watching TV. It's actually quite gorgeous looking in HD!! Mmmmmmm!!! Must. Resist. Playing. It. A. Second. Time. But. In. High. Definition.....
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