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Originally Posted by Jat316sob
According to my sources they lost the case, then lost the appeal also.
I didn't know they lost the appeal, I believe someone might've gotten that wrong. They lost the case only very recently and I haven't seen any mention of them losing the appeal until now.

Hm, I've done some googling and came up with this, but I haven't noticed DualShock was being pulled off the shelves.

Originally Posted by SoccerDude28
There really hasn't been anything on the 360 that made me get all excited about it (beside Oblivion which I already own on a PC). I mean you look at their line up and it is crammed with shooters and sports titles. If you are into that, you might love it, but I am bored to death with those 2 genres. There are some promising games announced for it though like Bioshock and Mass Effect, but the rest of the gamut is just not that exciting in my opinion. But this is a console for those "hardcore" gamers, and I can understand why some people who enjoy these genres will like it.
Some genres have certainly been neglected thus far (like console, ie. japanese RPG-s - even though many have been announced, maybe even more than for PS3), but it's the question of taste, not of crappy game quality.

Still, even though I'm not the biggest fan of hardcore genres myself (the way you define them - normally I wouldn't agree with that at all), I find Microsoft's announced non-hardcore line-up waaaay more appealing than what Sony had to show so far. Especially if we're talking about games we'll actually have the chance to play in the following 12 months.

Originally Posted by Dasilva
Imagine playing PS1 & PS2 games when you have a HD TV, they'll be all fuzzy probably, since Sony is just putting a PS1 & a PS2 inside the PS3. (the lazy way out if you ask me)
Just several posts ago I said that won't be the case. Sony's official stance is PS3 will use emulation to achieve backwards compatibility, it won't contain PS1 and PS2 hardware.
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