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Default Beyond Shadowgate

Has anyone here ever got to play Beyond Shadowgate? I was scared to death of Shadowgate on the NES when I was young (it's a wonder I carry on playing games after these experiences haha!) and so decided to confront my fear and completed it. Man, it's harsh! Anyway, being a lot older now I really like its dark sense of humour and creepy graphics. Is Beyond Shadowgate anything like the same? From the screenshots I've seen it looks like Curse of Enchantia, except... dark instead of comic.

Also, anyone play Operation Stealth? Complete it? I was far too young to play it properly and I kept getting disavowed at the airport. For some reason it really creeped me out and scared me. For that reason I still won't play it hehe. Same goes for Darkseed. Hell, even the shrunken head in Monkey Island shocked me when I was a kid, it's a wonder I carried on playing games haha

I suppose it must be available somehow. I had to use a mega-cd emulator and track down the rom of Snatcher to be able to play it, probably will be the same here.

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