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Originally Posted by Spiwak
I thought Shadow of the Colossus was great. I even decided to replay the fights in Time Attack to see what new digs the character can get. It's fun but the level of frustration the game had in regular mode is amplified when you're working under a time limit.

What specifically is making you go "...wah?"?
I was still waiting for it to sink in. I'm also confused as to how things I found extremely irritating, off-putting and to draw me out of the game (such as the linearity, repetitive and frustrating battles with some of the colossi and lengthy opening and ending cutscenes) still seemed to work relatively well in the context of the game overall... if that makes sense. I think the prevailing emotion now is definitely wow though.

Originally Posted by Rlacey
Dreamfall - 7/10
The uncharitable person in me is still wondering what happened to the actual gameplay (and is still smarting over Chapter 5). The story was quite good, though.
Isn't Chapter 5 the part heaviest on genuine gameplay though? I'm smarting over the last couple of chapters because of their lack of gameplay.

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