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Agatha Christie - And There Were None: 6/10

Aspects in which the game was lacking:

-Immersion, because of the bad combination of graphics, animation and scripting.
people appearing and dissappearing, the need to always find out their ever changing whereabouts and to chat with them about every topic

-Some bad puzzles. A lot of items in the inventory and a lot of locations could make it exceedingly troublesome to advance the game if you get stuck.
-A bit buggy. I experienced 1 crash and 1 apparent bug where a person in the game was both alive and dead at the same time (in different places). That made me believe that I was stuck because no one seemed to respond to anything I was trying to do and I had to resort to
-Movement between screens. For example the living room is a mess to navigate through. This also translates to poor realization of the layout of the house or makes it pretty difficult.

The good stuff:

-The story. A good implementation of the classic.
-The overall mood. Created by the gloomy weather, fitting music and ok-ish voice acting.
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