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Originally Posted by BerserkerTails
I've seen plenty of times where people have ragged on Sierra games so much that they've dissuaded newcomers to the genre from even trying one. It just seems to me that a lot of members seem to think that the fact that neither dying or getting stuck in LucasArts games automatically makes them better than Sierra games.
And just so this topic doesn't get TOO off topic... Another underrated adventure, in terms of modern day acknowledgement: The Pandora Directive. This game is so amazing, I don't know why it's not brought up more often. You can't read two threads without seeing a mention of a LucasArts game, but where's the love for good 'ol Tex?

Well, to be honest, I also don't like dying unexpectedly for entering the wrong toilet cabin or picking up a ragged tissue underneath which was a sleeping man-eating caterpillar, but hiting dead-ends can really ruin a game for me. Replaying to the point I touched the wrong doorknob I can stand but scavenging through my saved games for a clean one which won't result to the dead-end situation? No, sir-ee. Let alone that acknowledging the very fact that I am stuck requires endless hours of excruciatingly exlporing all possibilities and eventually resorting to some walkthrough in order to find what went wrong.

So, maybe Sierra games may not be overall worse than LucasArts' but they sure are less entertaining, especially to the newcomer. Lucas games are in general more fun to play, gamer-friendly and have the same- if not higher- production values as Sierra ones. Hence the up thumbing they enjoy in suggestion threads.

As for Pandora Directive, it is my favourite adventure game of all times so shame on me for not mentioning it first. However, I can see why it also falls behind in people's recommendations as it features a kinda hard to master, yet rewarding, interface combined with some pretty hard puzzles.
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