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Originally Posted by RLacey
Heh. I pretty much fit this view, in the sense that I dislike the games for the same reasons that you like them, but I'm not quite sure how that equates to LucasArts snobbery. I'll perfectly happily admit that I think LucasArts made some of the best adventure games ever - and in that sense I don't believe that they're overrated - and I do believe that the Sierra games are cut way too much slack for flaws that would be criticised if produced by any other developer (deaths without warning and mazes always feel like bad design to me, whoever the developers are, and are reasons why I hate games like Stupid Invaders and The Mystery of the Druids). This isn't snobbery, though, any more than it would be to think that these games collectively are better than, say, Myst.
Don't get me wrong, I like LucasArts as well. Day of the Tentacle and the Monkey Island games are amazing. What I'm referring to is situations such as when someone on the forums asks for a suggestion on what adventure to play next. Usually in that kind of situation, if a Sierra game is mentioned, there's at least one person that will post something along the lines of "Don't play THAT, it has dead ends and you can DIE. Play Monkey Island 2 it's the best game ever made I love it."

I've seen plenty of times where people have ragged on Sierra games so much that they've dissuaded newcomers to the genre from even trying one. It just seems to me that a lot of members seem to think that the fact that neither dying or getting stuck in LucasArts games automatically makes them better than Sierra games.

I love LucasArts games, but personally, I miss the threat of being able to screw up. It just doesn't seem realistic that Indy can get Sophia to distract that guy a hundred times, until you figure out the puzzle, etc...

And just so this topic doesn't get TOO off topic... Another underrated adventure, in terms of modern day acknowledgement: The Pandora Directive. This game is so amazing, I don't know why it's not brought up more often. You can't read two threads without seeing a mention of a LucasArts game, but where's the love for good 'ol Tex?
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