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Broken Sword: Shadow of The Templars: Very high production values but no soul in this game.
Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within, falls pretty much into the same category for me. Everything was very much polished but the outcome was somewhat flat for my tastes (Gabe as prince charming, bitchy Grace and some idiotic and baffling puzzles didn't help much there).


In terms of sales: Definately Toonstruck, one of my favourite comedy adventures which had its designers fired
Also Discworld: Noir. I am not sure of its actual sales but I gather that it didn't go too well (though it certainly deserved to).
If Loom went unnoticed at its time, then I have to agree on that one as well since it is a most excellent game.

In terms of public opinion: Maybe In Memoriam (Missing: Since January) since not too many people seem to have noticed it. Oh and Faust: Seven Games of the Soul, only Cryo game I truly enjoyed.
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