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Overrated Adventures:

Syberia 1&2: Personally, I didn't like these games at all. They looked great, but I just didn't get involved with the characters. The story seemed a bit boring to me, as well as the fact that there was hardly anything to interact with.

Underrated Adventures:

Most of Sierra's games: I've been getting more and more fed up with the LucasArts snobbery on the boards as of late. Besides the Gabriel Knight series, it seems quite a few people are out to constantly bash Sierra's adventure games, and for the same two reasons: You can die, and you can get stuck. Personally, I like both aspects, as it makes me play the games much more thoroughly. I look at everything, try to pick up everything, etc... And save often.

The Dig: I'm surprised that so many people can talk about how amazing the Syberia games are, yet complete slander The Dig. If you compare them, they're quite similar. Very barren locations, with few interactions and beautiful graphics. However the difference for me is that I actually enjoyed The Dig's characters and plot. Usually people quote that it's "just not as good as the other LA adventures," which means to me that they don't like it because it isn't funny. I wonder, if it was released by another company, would it be getting the praise it deserves?
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