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Originally Posted by LenaJ
Cuno is one handsome dog? And Cora: extremely clever with that looks: Just has got to be a Toller dad.

(Why the question mark?) Yes, he's a pretty dog. His tail curls and curls and curls when he is happy. Sadly he also has a nasty habit of announcing his happiness to the world in a very...odorous way. We believe it is a remnant from the food that he used to get when we got him from the pet asylum.

It's entirely possible that Cora's dad was a Toller. It would make more sense too, since I always thought that the head of a Golden Retriever is a bit too round and clunky (though not much) in comparison with Cora's. I also found them a bit too heavy set (though most of it is fur), while Cora is quite sleek.

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