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Originally Posted by RLacey
An example to us all.
By the way, it should have been "Sie brauchen Babelfisch!" (though the "c" is optional, depending on wheter or not you consider the website as a separate object with that name or not. In the german translation of the book, "Babelfish" would have been "Babelfisch".

Also, there's no need to be so formal. You were adressing me with in the third person plural. You could have just used the second person singular, "Du". In that case your sentence would have been "Du brauchst Babelfisch!".

Oh, and did you know that English is actually a very formal language? Everybody is so polite to each other, adressing rich and poor, young and old, each and everyone without exception, adressing each other with "you". It's somehow related to the french formal form "vous" (second person singular, formal. Informal it is "tu"). In German you could say that in English, everyone "Ihrzt" everyone else ("Ihr" being the second person plural in German. It used to used as formal form too, but these days it's used for nobility at most, and that would still be quite weird these days. Even nobility is adressed with "Sie" these days. And we don't have much nobility left around here these days, anyway. In fact, most of the nobility in my area died in a plane crash when visiting the relatives of the English nobility.)

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