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Originally Posted by UPtimist
What's wrong with bestiality?
For starters, it's icky and un-hygenic. It also takes advantage of our furry friends.

Originally Posted by UPtimist
And free train rides!
That bit's not so bad.

Originally Posted by UPtimist
And child porn and underaged-smoking and drinking?
Because those things are WRONG! If an adult chooses to do those things that's fine, but some decisions should be left to individuals who have achieved, if not a certain level of maturity, at least a certain number of years spent alive on this planet.
Granted at 13 I would have felt quite differently about the subject, but I myself was immature in my thinking then.
As a friend of mine once said "For my parents to have been so stupid when I was 17, they sure had learned a lot by the time I was 21".
Ignorance is bliss, denial is divine, and willful ignorance is a religious experience.

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