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Originally Posted by stinking_dylan
oerhort, in brief, 'no'.
£400 for a console will buy me new ram and a graphics card. And consoles, next gen or not, don't hold a candle to PCs IMO. I mean, thinking of the amount of things I use my PC for, I can't justify NOT keeping an up to date PC =)
I would have agreed with you one and a half years ago, but after buying my PS2, my perspective in gaming has changed. I have played some PS2 games that are not available on the PC, and some rank high up there with my favorite PC games.

Let's face it, PC gaming has seen better days, and it is the developer's 3rd (in some cases 4th) platform of choice. There are exceptions like Oblivion of course, but in most cases, the PC is getting the short end of the stick with shady ports with clunky controls.

There are still definitely a lot of great PC games out there that I look forward to, but limiting yourself to a single platform is like limiting yourself to a single fruit. Why eat only strawberries, when you can try bannanas, mangos, and pine apples? I am planning to get all 3 eventually.
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