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Originally Posted by Fairygdmther
First I'd like to say this - the world is not as black and white as you perceive it. I've been a nurse for 39 years, and seen a lot of people intimidated by their docs into doing something they didn't want to do.

1.) Ok, so now because she didnt get another HIV test, its someone elses fault other than hers for "not being medically savvy"...hmmm

If the lab test says it's AIDS and the doc says so, she may be too timid to ask or the doc could have said it wasn't necessary, or was told that her insurance wouldn't pay for a second test.

2.) you say it "MAY" have been presented to her like this... speculation, and besides, you still have a choice even if it was presented to you this way, experimental drug trials are not something to enter into lightly

I'm sure she didn't enter into it lightly - she saw it as hope for her and her child - she obviously didn't give informed consent to this knowing that death might ensue.

3.) fair enough, i was just saying that is an option, all be it an unwanted one because of emotion. (logically is a different story)

4.) Well if it is as the story claims, she was a pillar of health until the second she started taking the drugs... fairly easy conclusion to make

I'm sure she didn't die the day after receiving the drugs - there is a progression there, as well as with her pregnancy, and with AIDS - perhaps even over several months. Let me say this - don't become a doctor - you don't have the skills, people or logical.

after 4 posts you can tell that i do not have sufficient logic skills, or people skills to be a doctor? Jumping to coclusions about a person after reading 20 lines of text they have written is the workings of a logical genius i suppose? get real, you know nothing about me....

now lets step back before you insulted me,

1.) pure speculation again

2.) Anyone entering a drug trial is informed of the risks, and should know there is the possibility of death.

4.) Well then if thats how it happened, small wonder it wasnt picked up. The story makes it sound like the effects were much more sudden and clearly related to the medication.
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