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Originally Posted by Fairygdmther
there were plenty of options available to her, some of which include:

1.) get another HIV test - it may not have occurred to her if she was not medically savvy - not everyone is, you know
2.) do not participate in an experimental drug trial it may have been presented to her that this may be her only way to save herself and her child
3.) terminate the pregnancy this was her child, and a wanted pregnancy
4.) stop taking experimental drugs when they start making you sick and how do you determine if it is the pregnancy, the drugs or the AIDS that's making you sick? - she did report that to them, though
1.) Ok, so now because she didnt get another HIV test, its someone elses fault other than hers for "not being medically savvy"...hmmm

2.) yoiu say it "MAY" have been presented to her like this... speculation, and besides, you still have a choice even if it was presented to you this way, experimental drug trials are not something to enter into lightly

3.) fair enough, i was just saying that is an option, all be it an unwanted one because of emotion. (logically is a different story)

4.) Well if it is as the story claims, she was a pillar of health until the second she started taking the drugs... fairly easy conclusion to make
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