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Not like them!
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A challenger! I see you do not have the mythical weapon which can defeat me.. I laugh at your puny attempts at insanity! HAHAHA! You don't understand.

I will make you understand!

[focuses, prepares for the first blow]
I am ready now.

How loony can looniness go?
It isn't quite endless, you know.
With a sword in my fist
I see that I missed
The aim of my very first blow.

Never mind, I will get it right now!
It will make a very nice "POW"!
How about I just stick
This inane limerick
Into the battle at thou?

The ghosts of the monsters I slew
Say that I will easily best you.
It won't be so nice!
I tell you this thrice-
What I tell you three times is true.

I see your position's not hot:
The weapon you need you've not got!
Moreover, this rhyme
Will annoy in quick time
And the battle will be like with a tot!

You would hear me as I expressed
A rhyme sillier than a jest:
The market is pink,
But the kitchen must sink!
And that surely, you cannot best!
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