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Ale! And keep 'em coming!
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What do my weary eyes behold? People are claiming to out-loon the Loony Empress? What say you, Mr. Grue?

~Graaayygtahhh hggaaaggjjzzaa! Jagaerraaazz.~


"He says that you should challenge them to a duel at Full Moon."

>>>Wait a minute, this is familiar. She's not going to call on the Moon Godessess again, is she?<<<

That sounds like a great idea, Mr. Grue. A duel at Full Moon, it shall be!

I will make your spine gilver oh so terribly through my Loonyness, and you will wish you had never thought about trying to best me!

>>>Yes! She's calling the Moon Godessess for sure! If there's one thing I like about my good twin, then it's her Moon Godessess beating up the Sun God! M.M.Gss.c.b.u.y.S.G.!!!!<<<

Originally Posted by Intrepid Homoludens
Looks like Jaz is acting up again. Someone fetch me the prod!
And what's this about? Back in the old days they used to fetch the Straitjacket, so they could still behold my lovely, manic smile. It's a toothy smile. My toothy smile makes me look like I'm going to bite off the top of someone's head in a second. That's why I usually smile without baring my teeth, unless I do feel like biting the top of someone's head off at the time...

- "esc(x) cot(x) dx = -csc(x)!" Dennis added, and the wizard's robe caught on fire. "Gosh," Dennis said, "and some people say higher math isn't relevant."

>>>Inventor of the Mail order-Assassin<<<

And *This* a Black Hole - BYE!
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