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Originally Posted by Litrick
i have trouble beleiving someone would enter into a drug trial for a disease they do not think they have. would you?

Secondly, if your health is fine, and then starts failing immediatly after you start taking an experimental drug, if you are stupid enough to keep taking it i beleive it is partly your own fault. As i stated before, there is nothing forcing you to take it.
the fact is there have been many unsuccessful drug trials, some with tragic results. there have also been many successful trails which have resulted in life saving cures. Trying to make the people who are researching these cures look evil because of one tragic result is just plain stupid. yes it is tragic, but its not as if they knew the drug was going to have that effect, they were hoping for the exact opposite, if it the particapant CHOOSES to continue the trail, then the scientists can hardly be held responsible for their choice.
erm...what? i never said she knew she didn't have aids, i said that she never had it meaning she never knew about it. and the rest of your comment is just going backwards into what has already been discussed.
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