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I posted this in another thread, but it actually fits better here:

Saw the Kingdom of Heaven: Director's Cut. Wow, a very nice large scale film. Far, far superior to Gladiator and probably better than Braveheart as well. I can safely say that it's in the Top 3 for epics released in the last 15 years or so. How it fares compared to epics going even further back, well, that will require a second viewing. Still, this is quite a good film and it's a shame that the theatrical cut was so butchered. The 45 minutes that were cut are unbelievably important so it's no surprise that the film got poor reviews. Had this version been the theatrical release, it would have made a lot of Top 10 lists last year for sure.

So anyway, I highly recommend it, but be warned...this film is very dark, brutal, and filled with a great deal of blood and violence.
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