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Originally Posted by seebaruk
I went for Nightmare, cos I thought the 3rd one was actually really good (Welcome to Prime Time bitch!), and New Nightmare wasn't too bad.
Well, the third one definitely had its moments, but I didn't like it on the whole. After hearing so many good things about it ("almost as good as the first one!") I was bound to get disappointed. I also have fond memories of the sixth one, but that's only because I've seen it in a chock full cinema. Watching that 3D part still rates among the best experiences I've had in my life (because of the atmosphere in the theatre, not because the sequence was that special). Later I watched it on tape, it sucked.

Originally Posted by SCRUGAtes13
okay i gotta see shocker now, cheap horrors are the best (halloween 3 is bloody hilarious)
I'm afraid it's not in the so-bad-it's-good category, it's just headache inducing. But for a good laugh, I recommend Troll 2.

EDIT: Except for the ending, the ending of Shocker had me in stitches.
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