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Originally Posted by Thrift Store Scott

Not really. I lived in Savannah for three years, and the locals there made fun of my accent when I first arrived. A Savannah accent is slower and broader than mine, and much more similar to the faux Southern accents that dialogue coaches teach actors in Hollywood.
The closest thing to an Alabama accent I've heard on television or in movies came from Josey Scott, the lead singer of the band "Saliva" who plays Rodney Gronbeck on the TNT television series "Wanted". He's originally from Memphis, Tennessee, and that's not too terribly far from here.
Both FGM and Trep have spoken to me at length on the phone, so they might be able to give a more objective description of my accent than I can.
I have to agree with Scott - Alabamans have mild drawl with a bit of a twang, though not quite as much as Tennesseans have. Georgians and South Carolinans seem to have more of the pure drawl, where 'oil' and 'all' sound almost identical and each contains 4 syllables. The most unintelligible to be are the Mississippians - y'ahl know Mis-sip? They either stretch out words or cut them short, and once they use localisms, I can't understand them t'all. Scott is very easy to understand, and though I live in Florida now, I spent most of my life in Boston. We drop 'r' at the end of words and add it to words ending in vowels, like 'wata' for water, 'rivah' for river, and 'tomater' for tomato. But Scott's voice is very easy on the ears, and his charming personality is a delight too.
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