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Originally Posted by Thrift Store Scott
Stories like this are why I have the utmost respect for bears. Friendly today is not friendly tomorrow, and evolution doesn't provide sharp claws, huge teeth, binocular vision, and cunning intelligence to animals that only eat roots, leaves, and berries.

True. One should never forget that there's also bears that hunt salmon (proof that they are omnivores. They are mostly vegetarian, but also eat meat. Their teeth are not intended for hunting. Also, I think they are rather short-sighted.).

But they can certainly defend themselves very well. Even though they are not specialised predators, the fact that they don't count as common prey for those animals that *are* predators, should make you think.

Also, male bears have been known to kill the cubs of other males. If they can kill another (albeit younger) bear, they can certainly hurt other animals, including humans.

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