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To conclude this dry academic discussion:-
~~ Len Green ~~
Even if I was smaller, it would be ......... ~~~~ Better (conditional):-
Even if I were smaller, it would be ..........
~~ Trumgottist ~~ ... Interesting about conditionals. I don't think I've ever heard that before. (That site you linked to gets a bookmark, too. I'll do some more exploration there later, to see if I can learn some more.)
Actually, I'm not at all certain that I'm right.
It takes me back 7 decades to when I first started learning Latin & formal grammatical English in secondary school ... and forgotten most of both!!
When I mentioned 'conditional', at the back of my mind I wondered whether this was not actually "SUBJUNCTIVE"... see .............

Perhaps some REAL English scholar can clarify!

Take the fairly well used phrase... "If I were you, didadidadida ....."
Look it up on Google and there are very many references (even apparently a popular song!!).
However, look up "If I was you ......" and I don't think there are ANY?!?!
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