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Before going any further … it always flabbergasts me that so many brilliant computer game Developers (including yourself I believe) have such marvellous English despite the fact that it is not their ‘mother-tongue’.
I too am pretty fluent in a second language … but my mistakes are VERY frequent & horrible!!

...and now you got me confused about what to do with the window again. (Could I say "through", or is "of" more natural?)
Now you’ve got me confused also… He-he!!
Your original sentence was …………..
“A warm light is flowing out this window”.
The only fairly blatant error here was “out" which has to be "out of”.
i.e. “A warm light is flowing out of this window”.
Light tends to “shine”, water to “flow” … so somewhat nicer is to substitute “shining” instead of “flowing”.
Hence ……. “A warm light is shining out of this window”.
FINALLY… I only left in the “out of” since you originally used the word “out”.
Actually, your own suggestion of “through” is indeed as good as or maybe even better than “out of”… so I would suggest either :-
* “A warm light is shining out of this window”… or if you like it better ......
** “A warm light is shining through this window”… or even ......
*** “A warm light is shining out through this window”…...
IMHO all 3 are correct, and it is purely a matter of personal taste which one is preferable!
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