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Default 'My' game is done!

The game I was working on is done. It's out on the internet and people are playing it.

Language: Dutch (sorry guys)
Control method: arrow keys for moving, space bar for everything else
Sound: yes, there is, so turn on those speakers.
System req: 800 mhz at the very least

(In case you're wondering why there's no site around it, it's being linked to from here: )

This project went from totally depressing to ... well, a game one might actually show to some people. Mind you, the game is a conceptual mess -- a complete creative compromise. It's not something I think is really cool. We had a really weird assignment, and a troubled process. Still, we made the best of our situation. It's got really nice production values, and hopefully the dialog and story we put in there will make up for the lack of any cool gameplay.

You need to know Dutch to understand it though. Even if you know Dutch, I doubt all will be clear to you. But that's okay.
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