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Default Please help with The Last Express

Hey everyone,

I recently started playing The Last Express. I'm having difficulty hearing the character dialog however because I am hearing impaired. I can hear some words here and there, but it's a great struggle. I'm really excited to play this game but I feel like my lack of hearing is getting in the way of having a great experience with it. I just finished my first fight and I heard something about gold... I'm just really lost at this point as to what is going on in the game.

As a last resort, I could read the walkthroughs, but then I miss out on the exploration and figuring things on my own. I was hoping there is a dialog script, where I can read along as I play or something. Ideally, the source to the game could be released and I can add closed captioning for all dialog in the game.

Does anyone know of Jordan Mechner's email address? I've got my finger's crossed I can contact him and see what it would take to get the source released.

Thanks for any help.

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