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Might I remind that traffic laws are not designed because lawmakers feel like being dicks; they are designed to keep you and other drivers *safe*.

Case in point: My roommate is a very conscientious driver who follows the traffic laws. In all except one instance, when he gets in an accident it's because the *other* person didn't follow the traffic laws. The one time an accident was his fault it was when he was first learning to drive on his own and forgot to follow one of the traffic laws himself. He was really lucky to walk away from that one, from what he tells me.

Doing highway speeds in what I'm guessing was a city zone is *dangerous* both to you and to other people. You were doing almost 150% of the speed limit, so it makes sense that your fine is pretty high.

I suggest that instead of trying to weasel your way out of it, you consider yourself fortunate that your first lesson in what happens when you don't follow the traffic laws will only result in you paying a $200 fine, as opposed to paying for a totalled car (which would be worse than $200) or one or more totalled *bodies* (which would be a lot, lot worse than $200).

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