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Originally Posted by Ninth
But you don't like Dune, so I hate you.
Heh, well... I wish I could express my opinion on the film as well as Ebert did, but since I can''s an excerpt from his original review:

"Nobody looks very happy in this movie. Actors stand around in ridiculous costumes, mouthing dialogue that has little or no context. They're not even given scenes that work on a self-contained basis; portentious lines of pop profundity are allowed to hang in the air unanswered, while additional characters arrive or leave on unexplained errands. DUNE looks like a project that was seriously out of control from the start. Sets were constructed, actors were hired; no usable screenplay was ever written; everybody faked it as long as they could. Some shabby special effects were thrown into the pot, and the producers crossed their fingers and hoped that everybody who has read the books will want to see the movie. Not if the word gets out, they won't."

Then again, as I've seen one person say: "Dune is worth seeing just for the scene where Sting emerges from the sauna in his metal diaper."

It arguably works quite well as a comedy, sort of like an Ed Wood film.
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