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Default Most Wanted DVDs!

Since I've made threads like this before about specific DVDs, I thought now might be a good time to make a thread for people to talk about ANY upcoming DVDs they're interested in. Any region, PAL or NTSC, whatever...

So, I'll get this thing started I guess. My two most wanted DVDs right now are:

WHY: It's in my Top 35 favorite movies of all time, and it gets the double disc Criterion treatment here, including a beautiful transfer and plenty of extras.

WHY: Because the original version was a studio butchered travesty that Ridley Scott didn't set out to make. This is HIS version. It has 45 minutes of footage edited back in, and according to reviews it literally transforms the film into a whole new experience.

The same IGN critic who gave the theatrical cut a 2 1/2 out of 5, gives the Director's Cut a 4 1/2 out of 5 and says:

"So if you, like I once was, are skeptical about the merits of 45 more minutes of this film - one which I warned you will get bored, you may fall asleep - give it the benefit of the doubt; great movies are few and far between, particularly when we think we know all there is about them. But sometimes, as in the case of Kingdom of Heaven, truly memorable and significant artistic achievements cannot merely be made; they have to be found, re-forged and re-released. From a box office perspective, Kingdom of Heaven may well be dead and gone; but the Director's Cut DVD assures that its true legacy - as a restored classic and great modern epic - lives on for years to come."

The critic at Digital Bits says:

"At the time [of the theatrical review], I noted that over 40 minutes had actually been trimmed out of Scott's original cut of the film in order to create a version that the studio considered more theater-friendly. Well, let me tell you, those cuts REALLY hurt this film. I couldn't make myself give the theatrical cut more than a C+. It was a beautifully-lensed, but woefully incomplete story. This new 191-minute extended cut, on the other hand, is a truly great piece of work. I'd give it an A-, maybe even a solid A. ... I can't stress enough how different this version of the film is, and how much better and more rewarding an experience it becomes, with the restoration of the trimmed minutes."
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