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such great heights
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Day 3, 7-10AM timeblock in GK3. Just about done. Before, I've only ever played through the game on a 500mhz Celeron with a GeForce 2 MX card, but the game actually looks nice on my "new" P4HT 2.80GHz with a gig of RAM and a decent graphics card. I'm amazed at how much smoother the textures look.

After this, I'll probably move on to The Game That Takes Place on a Cruise Ship, which I played about 30mins of the other day and found it to be quite lovely. Either that or Dreamfall, depending on how much my first paycheck is!

I was hoping to move onto Daemonica, but I've played the trial just now and just didn't enjoy it. It's not neccesarily a bad game, but there's just too many little things wrong with it to be worth my money.
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