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Silent Hill

Oh I so wanted to like this film.

Big fan of the games and the film succeeds in replicating the atmosphere of the games very very well.

There are countless nods towards the series from the camera angles and music/sounds to lifting whole plot points from various games.

Therein lies the problem i'm afraid they succeed far to well It was too much like watching someone play the game. There was too much (especially at the beginning) of just watching the main character run around going through doors marvelling at "oh i remember this location"

The acting was dreadful and the story is impossible to know what the hell is going on unless you have played the games.

Strange there was not enough of the bad guys each of them get about 1-2 min of air time which was disappointing (Although Pyramid head gets slightly longer and also gets the best bit in the movie when he catches one of the characters - eeekk). Maybe it was just me but the movement of the nurses at the end all looked like they were dancing to Thriller I nearly laughed out loud.

Don't get me started on the ending which was crap.

Overall very atmospheric, looked and sounded amazing, and it was nice to see the designs, locations and monsters from the series up on the big screen, but as a movie it's a incoherant mess.

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