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Originally Posted by Crunchy in milk
I fell asleep during Lord of War. It was like two films mooshed together. I would rather have had more of the tricks of the trade, facts and figures and documentary feel type stuff. As soon as they started trotting out the cliched shit with the wife's sudden change of heart and the utterly stupid personal crusade ala Ethan Hawk bits, I just dosed off. That part of the film was worse than being force to sit through an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent.
^ Agreed It started off really nice, but then got gradually worse.
Plus "Jared Leto's" death could be seen coming from like 5 minutes into the movie, man I hate over-predictable plots.

Originally Posted by Melanie68

Stunning, beautiful and enchanting! I've read about critics who complained the story was weak but I didn't feel that at all.

Yeah it's an amazing film I was glad to see it was the opening film at the Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival a couple of days ago, a while back I thought this film wouldn't get any exposure at all, but I guess my screening was just one of the earlier ones. The main actress (Stephanie something) is pretty good too - and her dad/PM (Rob Brydon) did an excellent job once more.

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