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Originally Posted by AFGNCAAP
I think you may be trying to look too hard into it.
It's an open ending. We leave Don in the middle of the crossroads, symbollic of the choice about what he wants to do with his life next. He has also just realised that life provides no easy answers and he may never find out which of the twenty-year-olds of this world is his son (if any is).

I don't think there is anything more to "get", although there are of course things left open to viewers' interpretation..
I do understand itīs an open ending with all the question being unanswered. I donīt get why Iīm left like that, having spent 103 minutes anticipating an answer about his son. Even an answer that he didnīt have one. But I simply canīt understand why J. Jarmusch bothers to make a film about a man looking for his son without telling the whole story. I feel cheated.

I agree that the film is overrated, but I felt that way about most Jarmusch's movies I've seen. (except Ghost Dog. Ghost Dog is incredible.) And yes, Bill Murray was a slight letdown, but I think it's more of a screenplay's fault - after all, he had managed to present a way more complete and memorable character in (superb) Lost in Translation, despite basically using the same deadpan throughout that film.
I actually didnīt like Lost in Translation either. I didnīt even finish watching it. Havenīt seen Ghost Dog.
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