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Originally Posted by seebaruk
What would you do if you bought this place?
I wish I could win the lottery because I'd buy it!

It's in Northern California which is gorgeous! If you've looked at the picture gallery on the ebay site, you'll see the beautiful views.

A main house for me and my animals. Turn the cafe building into a coffee/tea house. Renovate and rent out the cabins for vacationers.

Open up a little grocery store in one of the other buildings. I'd use one of the bigger buildings and open a used book store. I would also put my inventory online because you probably wouldn't get a lot of traffic. My profession is pretty flexible in that I could do contract work from home.

That would be an incredibally sweet set up. Quiet, peaceful.

Edit: Also with the cows, you could have fresh milk and make your own cheese.

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