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Originally Posted by jjacob

The New World
. Amazing film, so similar to The Thin Red Line in style (perhaps too much so?) in its use of long VO'd pauses and serene medidative style. My only gripe with the film is (obviously) Colin Farrell but even that is only a minor gripe since he's not anywhere near as annoying as in Alexander. The Pocahontas actress surprised me too, very nice for her first role in a major movie. Very, very nice for a historical drama, although it gets a bit implausible at times if you know even the slightest bit of how it actually transpired.

Match Point. Awesome, just awesome. Woody Allen is clearly back in the game, and I hope his next movies will be as good as this one. The acting was very good as well, so much so that I very much hated Jonathan Rhys Meyers from early on in the movie
All agreed.

By the way, I saw Capote... very interesting. Overdone, perhaps, but in a good way.
...It's down there somewhere. Let me have another look.
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