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Originally Posted by jjacob
Anyway, perhaps you should go see it again, you might see it in a different light
Oh, I liked Rushmore, I already said I thought it's great (the scene with the sawed off tree had me laughing for ages ), I just didn't love it. So there goes your theory.

Originally Posted by Spiwak
But Bottle Rocket, while awesome for a debut effort, compared to his other movies just seems amateurish (which might be its appeal).
You're right, I love it exactly because of its modesty, it's such a laid back, feel good movie. It certainly has its flaws - the motel part definitely drags for a bit too long - but I think it would've been great in its own way even if it wasn't Anderson's debut feature.

I dislike how much of a cult figure Anderson is these days. Discredits his name, for me. The teenage cult movie culture at my school singlehandedly ruined Quentin Tarantino, Donnie Darko, Napoleon Dynamite, and A Clockwork Orange for me.
This I don't get, what do you care? Fine, you don't want to be associated with such people, but those are all great (except for Napoleon Dynamite which is shite), it's normal that the kids like them, even if they don't wholly understand them.
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