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Originally Posted by NcroManiac
Speeking of ripp-offs:

Remind you of somthing?
Well, this one was done in 1965!
Info on how Disney ripped off Kimba the White Lion. I hate modern disney

Aww, Ncrosie. Don't dig out that old discussion again. I don't care if it was a rip-off or not, "The Lion King" is still one of my favourite movies. Likewise, as I child I really enjoyed watching "Kimba the White Lion" as a child too. It's old, and I'm sick of it. People get worked up over this, and what good does it do them? If someone should get worked up over it, then it should be the people holding the rights to the stuff.

Had I known that you'd bring this up, I'd never have brought up the resemblance between the Councillor Triplos (that's the guy's name) and Elrond. I was joking, because I kind of doubt that Peter Jackson would look for reference how an elf should look in a cartoon version of the Odyssey (and some other greek mythology) set in the 31st century. Because that's what the screencapture is from. "Ulysses 31", the episode "Rebellion on Lemnos". I don't even think those guys are supposed to be elves. Oh, and "Ulysses 31" happens to be a collaboration between a french and a Japanese team.

Oh, and nobody is free of blame I guess. Just take Ulysses from that series. He wields a sword that's strangely similar to another kind of futuristic sword based on extremely bundled rays of light. It's still a great series with enough original content to make the show shine bright.

I'm not saying that plagiarism is good, because it isn't. But just because of that you should not condemn anyone, not even Disney. I mean, it's bad enough they decided to stop making traditional animated movies, and the whole thing with the Disney War. Disney movies were something I looked forward to every year (around Christmas. We always got the tickets as presents for Saint Nikolaus Day, which is the 6th December. Many years the annual Disney movie would be the only cinema visit we'd make in a year.), and now it's hard to believe that those are gone. Sure, there's still a yearly movie, but it doesn't seem the same. You can't really tell apart *which* of those digitally animated movies is the Disney one, because it feels soul of the movies feels different. The movies are wonderful, but it's just not the same. It seems strange, and if you compare the stories, they are quite different. The Magic has changed. I find myself searching what I know, the kind of movies I love. I still enjoy the new style of movies, but I still long for the traditional movies. The last traditionally animated movie that captured me like Disney movies did (and still do) was "Howl's Moving Castle", by Hayao Miyazaki. Now I've realised that the "Magic" as Disney fittingly calls takes many shapes, and is not restricted one studio. To have me walking out of the cinema in serenity is the greatest thing. And I believe Disney will be able to produce such movies again, maybe does so still. There's still movies I will walk out of, feeling the great the terrible void inside me, the realisation that it's over, so I will feel sad that it's over, and happy that I experienced the magic. For in my soul it's all there, all the memories, the magic. Be it Disney or any other story. They are all there and I'll cherish the memories.


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