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I just watched the Steven Soderbergh version of Solaris. I had already seen the Tarkovsky film, which I absolutely loved so I was pretty much expecting to feel let down by this "remake" (which I don't think actually is. I remember reading that Lem was displeased with Tarkovsky's adaptation of his book) compared to the 70s version.

Wow. I actually was transfixed on the screen for the whole 100 minutes and never wanted to turn away. I love when a science fiction film can be so engrossing and so atmospheric. This one's going up with 2001 and, ironically, the Tarkovsky Solaris as my favorite sci-fis (Blade Runner, The Man Who fell to Earth also in there).

Event Horizon is coming in a new 2-disc set tomorrow in the States. I'm thinking of buying it, although I don't remember the movie itself too well...
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