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Originally Posted by Jake
I think you're taking that quote a little too literally.
And I think the quote is taking itself too literally when tossed about in-character - hence why I oppose it. The first part is always true and good and right - the second part is hogwash and nonsense.

Originally Posted by Jake
The point is that the people should be in control of the government, not the other way around.
Yes, that's a good point to make - but the quote does not make it. I find that's quite clearly the case, but nonetheless, that's my opinion. Obviously, you don't share it, which is fine.

Maybe I should have added that I am opposed to the quotation as it is (actually), and as it is presented (actually), and as it is carried and meant (IMO); and nothing else. Because I most certainly support statements demanding that the government respects (to the utmost) the people that elected it. However, again, I want to stress I don't think this quotation, as it is in the movie, is supposed to mean that. At all.

Perhaps it meant it in the comic, which I haven't read - but as you pointed out, the movie is far too much about violence as that the phrase used therein could pass as what you describe. Again, IMO.
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