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Originally Posted by fov
I can't imagine if Telltale announced they were going to do away with online authentication and use Starforce instead, that fans would be very happy.
Jesus god no...... Imagine a day when digital distribution is choice, but we have to endure protections that hurt our DVD drives....that would make little sense!

My suggestion? I can't give that, because I have my own reservations about protection in general. I've seen many companies exist and flourish in the face of piracy without resorting to any protection at all. Stardock comes to mind here, as do companies like iD software that let go of their protection schemes in patches after a few months of sales.

Personally I feel that if someone wants to pirate a game, you can't stop him. He will do it. Those people don't want their own copy, nor do they care. Those aren't customers. However the ones who do buy games won't pirate if its 'just easy', because lets face it any game on the market right now with the exception of HL2 (steam) is easy. However using protection schemes like starforce or preventing them from full control of the life of their product (bone, hl2) can scare off potential customers.

It seems to me the wrong choice of protection can = loss of sales moreso than piracy itself. Isn't that worth looking into? I know I'm not alone in my thoughts, as I've been agreed with on forums and among friends alike.
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