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Originally Posted by The Tingler
Surely it's creatively more fun to think up original ideas? Thinking up original ideas for other people's ideas is easier, but far less satisfying. Still fun, but you guys are creative people - look at LucasArts: the point most people complain about with them now is too much reliance on their licenses!
It is terribly fun to think up original ideas. But one of the neat things about doing a game like Bone is it takes alot of creativity to figure out how to make the game within the restrictions you have. I think that restrictions actually force one to be more creative than otherwise.

And the thing is, we LOVE Bone! So successfully telling the story in a fun way while getting to add our own bits to it is extremely satisfying. If we were dealing with a license we were less passionate about, then I agree it wouldn't be as much fun as coming up with our own content.
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