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Default How may I become a Game-Designer?

well now I'm here at last and am able to ask my heros the questions I thought about since I read that I could talk to you here today.

How old were you as you begun as Game-Desingers? (or how you call this job)

Did you studied this or just "slipped in"?

In the moment I study Landscape-Architecture but since I begun to create my own adventure daily I realize more how much I love and enjoy working with my game. I'm really crazy about it and my greatest wish is to make it as a job.

I wand to finish my studies first, but have I to study Game-Design (or something like that) before I can make my wishes come true?

Where I can get connections, to come in contact with the "Community"? I dont care what kind of games, I just want to work with them, I'm in love with computer games.

I heard that Gamedevelopers get their music from real orchestres and buildings from architects... maybe they need a landscape architect?

But at most I enjoy writing the stories and figure out the lovely details that make the atmosphere. I'm not the best at graphics but able to learn.

So please can you help me, give me tips etc. for how can I work at the best Job in the world?

...sorry for my crazy english... its just my school english and I'm two years out of school now. I hope you understood me.
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