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Originally Posted by DesignerGreg
Actually, we have the same number of suspects as the previous games.

For example, in case 5, there are 4 suspects plus 1 other non-CSI character that we interact with... and it works very well for the story.

I haven't seen the review you're referring to. We've heard many people that love our stories, and don't see it as a flaw. As when writing a screenplay, sometimes adding characters can take away from a story, rather than add.
I think the poster is referring to the GameSpot review.

Incidentally, I'd like to add that I found the game-cantered case to be extremely interesting since it's "so close to home". I think games, in future, should try to include elements like that, especially in sleuthing titles. Solving a case involving disgruntled game designers, marketing personnel and zealous company leads is great fun.
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