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Originally Posted by avatar_58
So then these guys:

"Greg Land - Designer/Author
Heather Logas - Designer/Author
Brendan Ferguson - Designer/Author"

Designed lucasarts games, or just were designers somewhere? I'm just wondering if anyone from telltale actually had a huge designing part in the games, rather than art and coordination is all.
If you click on the bios, there is more info about each person's role.

During this time, Ms. Logas became an intern and served as assistant producer at LucasArts on Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.
Brendan was credited as a programmer on such games as Obi-Wan and Gladius by LucasArts. Unidentified sources, who spoke only under the condition of complete anonymity, indicated that Brendan also worked on the yet to be released Sam & Max: Freelance Police, as a programmer, designer, and writer.
Greg's bio doesn't mention it, but he just posted this on another thread:

Originally Posted by DesignerGreg
Curse of Monkey Island was one of my all-time favorites - I was actually a tester on that. My experience working with the developers on that is partly what inspired me to go into writing and design...
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