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3 Questions in 1 :

Condemned developed my Monolith offers some evidence hunts * la CSI : it is technically astonishing but most of the time the designers failed to make these sequences interesting. I think CSI-3 was announced after the release of Condemned, did you check the game and if so, did it change anything in your project? Did you consider using the same (very expensive) engine ?

I haven't read alot of thing about this new CSI but I understand that it follows the serie : CSI dept are never wrong, they always end up accusing the right guy. Did you consider taking liberty with that and give the player an opportunity to misinterpretate the evidence, accuse an innocent person and going away with it only to be shown the truth at the end of the game?

The game looks very promising but I must say that, from the screenshots, the character design disappoints me ; it feels like a failed attempt to create realistic model of the actors and I wonder if it hadn't look better with another artistic approach. That being said, was keeping the original characters a constraint and were you allowed to take liberties with them (graphically and in term of characterization)? Do you think that what happens in the universe of the game could have consequences on the serie?

Sorry for maybe sounding harsh, and thank you in advance for your answers.
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